about dellie's

dellie's started thanks to my first two shiba-inu's- amadeus (deus) and ellie- the reason, faces, and inspiration behind this venture. 

they are extremely picky and despite trying (almost) everything, there was nothing that seemed to work on a regular basis for them. i had already been cooking multiple meals a day for my own family, so adding on another set for the pups just seemed right. there is no reason why they should not have fresh and delicious meals with variety as well. the fun and creativity in mirroring our meals and snacks with the pups became my passion and is what i love most. 

we hope that you and your fur babies enjoy our goodies and can feel the love in every bite. 

about jenny

hi! my name is jenny and i am the human behind dellie's:)


i am a stay at home mom to 2 kids, 3 shibas( we adopted another from a meat trade rescue, so kubo unfortunately is not in the name), and 3 cats. to say that i am an animal lover is an understatement, so being able to make goodies that excite both the humans and furbabies brings me so much joy. i am so thankful for all the people and pups that i have met along this journey. thanks for entrusting me with your fur babies goodies <3